We founded this firm because we knew there had to be a better way to practice law, but we couldn’t find it somewhere else. Our attorneys enjoy some of the key benefits of large firm practice: excellent compensation, startup and tech sector clients, and the collegiality of a team led by practicing lawyers. However, we have no billable hour requirements, and we offer attorneys the freedom to define their own work-life balance and be compensated accordingly. We value innovative thinking and diversity, and we encourage attorneys to telecommute. In short, we have re-engineered the traditional law firm to empower attorneys to thrive in their law practices and their lives. We call our model “sustainable lawyering”, and we firmly believe it is the most rewarding way for corporate lawyers to practice.

We are currently seeking qualified lateral partner and senior associate applicants with substantial transactional experience at large firms.  If you love working with startup and tech sector clients and believe it's time for a change, submit a resume in confidence to

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